10 Major Questions ‘This Is Us’ Still Needs to Answer

While NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ finally revealed the cause of dad Jack Pearson’s death on Sunday, there are still a lot of questions fans want answered. According to Bustle, here are 10 of them:

  1. How does teenage Kevin react to news of Jack’s death? It’d be interesting to hear what Kevin, as a teenager, has to say, and if the guilt he feels as an adult came on immediately or slowly after years of stewing on it.
  2. Why did Randall’s foster daughter Deja come back? It remains unclear why Deja came back to the Pearsons, but she definitely bonded with Beth and Randall during her time with them.
  3. How will foster care continue to affect Randall’s daughter Tess? It’ll be interesting to watch future Tess in her role as a social worker–and to see what childhood experiences push her toward that career path.
  4. Will there be more flash forwards? Flash forwards would be an intriguing way to continue expanding the story even as Jack’s death fades further from the main focus.
  5. Will Kate and Toby get pregnant again? Kate mentioned in an earlier episode that she and Toby were giving pregnancy another try, but it remains unclear whether she’s ready after the miscarriage she suffered.
  6. How do Rebecca and Miguel get together? We still don’t know the whole story behind how exactly Rebecca and Miguel’s friendship blossomed into a romance after Jack’s death.
  7. Will Kevin continue to triumph over his addictions? Kevin has seemed far healthier in recent episodes; he also seems more open to facing Jack’s death, which can’t be a bad thing on his road to recovery.
  8. What happened to Jack in Vietnam? Jack showed Randall a name on the Vietnam memorial when they traveled to Washington, D.C., but still remained cryptic about the things he did and saw.
  9. What happened to Jack’s brother? Jack’s brother was presumably in Vietnam with him, but ultimately no information has been given on what actually happened to him–or whether Rebecca and his other kids even knew he had a brother.
  10. Why is Dr. K back? The promo for Tuesday’s episode showed a familiar face. Dr. K, who delivered Rebecca and Jack’s triplets way back in the first season; hopefully he’ll have some healing words for viewers.