11 things you learn about your s/o after moving in with them

Moving in with your partner full-time often comes with a learning curve. With that in mind, Cosmopolitan has compiled a list of 11 things you’re bound to learn (fast) after the big move in. Here they are:

1. One of you will be the clean one. And that means one of you will be the dirty or the messy one by default.
2. Cooking with someone else is 1,000 times better than doing it by and for yourself. Plus, washing the dishes is better when two people do it.
3. You really don’t see each other that much just because you live with them. Unless you work with your significant other, you spend your days apart and come home just in time to eat dinner, squeeze in a TV show and go to sleep.
4. You both will want some time away from each other. It doesn’t mean you don’t like your S.O. anymore; it simply means you would like to watch your reality show guilty pleasure without judgement.
5. Bathroom time is weird. Thankfully, there’s always Poo-Pourri.
6. You will both complain equally about each other’s hair being everywhere. This will continue until you die.
7. Splitting closet storage space 50/50 really means one person gets 70 percent of all the room. Hopefully, that’s you.
8. You will have to choose one side of the bed for the rest of time. No more sleeping smack dab in the middle!
9. You don’t have to be passive-aggressive. Compared to platonic roommates, you and your significant other can be more open with each other.
10. You will really miss them when they’re away. That, friends, is love.
11. It’s not as tricky/different/weird as other people warned you it would be. Life pretty much feels the same, except now you get a really cool roommate.