17 Clichés That Happen During All Medical TV Shows

Once you’ve seen one medical drama, you’ve seen them all. But since so many people are still suckers for them, BuzzFeed has compiled a list of cliches that happen in every one of the genre’s shows. Here are 12 (for the full list, check out the link):

  1. Everyone in the hospital has slept with everybody else and the secret relationships cause DRAMA every season.
  2. Every season, there’s one favorite patient that appears to be getting better until there’s a complication no one sees coming.
  3. There’s always one doctor who comes from a family of surgeons, but they’re trying to escape their family’s legacy.
  4. More often than not, there’s a massive accident, like a chemical spill or a ferry boat crash, that causes widespread panic in the ER.
  5. The hospital on-call rooms never function as a place for doctors to sleep, but rather as a perfect hookup spot.
  6. At some point, one doctor defies the odds and saves a patient in a crazy way, whether it’s rescuing them from a storm drain or performing surgery in a stuck elevator.
  7. Once an episode, a doctor yells, “They’re coding” and/or “Clear,” while trying to save a patient.
  8. Every season, there’s one medical mystery that causes the doctors to go into a frenzy.
  9. There’s sometimes one doctor who is hiding something that could keep them from operating, usually a hand tremor.
  10. One doctor in a position of power has a “tough love”
  11. All of the doctors hang out at the same bar after work because nobody seems to have any friends outside of the hospital.
  12. A family member of a doctor will unexpectedly arrive and shock everyone who works there, making for the perfect episode cliffhanger.

We also found this video on YouTube recorded by a real doctor critiquing Grey’s Anatomy!