25 Little Lessons I Learned About Life By 25

Some life lessons are best learned before the age of 25. According to Thought Catalog, here are the top 10 (see full list at the link):

  1. Life is short. It’s meant to be enjoyed and not wasted.
  2. Sometimes people leave. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes people have their own growing to do.
  3. We aren’t meant to control.There are some things we must learn to surrender.
  4. Not everything is at it seems.Just because something seems a certain way, it doesn’t mean it is.
  5. Obstacles are part of the journey.The obstacles are what teach us what we want and do not want.
  6. The little details don’t matter.In the end, the little things we obsess over are really just not that significant.
  7. Done is better than perfect. Things will never be perfect, but it is important to give our tasks the attention they deserve.
  8. People are in charge of their own happiness.It’s not your job to make others happy.
  9. Struggles make us stronger.Any struggle you have gone through, big or small, has shaped you into who you are.
  10. Unconditional love is real. When you slow down and enjoy life you realize that unconditional love is all around you.