Best and Worst Fast Food Desserts

Who needs a pastry chef when you’ve got a fast-food window? Eater has just come out with its rankings of the 12 best and five worst fast-food desserts in America. Here are the treats that were named the five best:

1. Wendy’s Vanilla and Chocolate (a.k.a. “Black and White”) Frosty. That marbled, white and tan cold cream is better than either flavor on its own. It’s truly the quintessential American fast-food dessert.
2. Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists. They’re the fast-food equivalent of movie theater popcorn or ballpark peanuts, which is to say they can be consumed ad infinitum, with one hand, without thinking too much about them, and without overburdening your system
3. (tie) Sonic Green Apple Ice Cream Slush and Sonic Fresh Banana Shake. These desserts represent the two-sided nature of Sonic Drive-In. The banana shake is one of the cleanest expressions of any fruit in a non-restaurant setting, a seamless blend of cool ice cream and tropical perfume. The green apple ice cream slush, in turn, conveys a quick hit of liquefied, verdant Jolly Rancher packed full of citric acid balance, followed by the mellowing calm of natural-ish soft serve.
4. Popeyes Hand Pies. These are what you wished a McDonald’s hand pie tasted like: crackly, with the burnished golden exterior of a gentle fry (and no freezer burn). The Cinnamon Apple Pie is not just an excellent dessert, it doubles as a near-perfect fast-food breakfast.
5. Dairy Queen Orange Julius Original. The beverage packs an intense aromatic tang and a fluid drinkability that makes it infinitely more food-friendly than a heavy shake

And here are the five worst:

1. The poorly branded desserts at Burger King
2. (tie) McDonald’s Vanilla Cone, Oreo McFlurry and Caramel Sundae
3. Popeyes Mardi Gras Cheesecake
4. Sonic Ocean Water
5. Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanada

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