Keith Urban And Lainey Wilson Collaboration Started With A Text

Keith Urban‘s recording with Lainey Wilson, “Go Home W U” was officially released today (5-3) and it all started with a text. Keith posted their text thread on his socials.

Back in April of last year, she got a text from Keith that read: “Hey ya Lainey, It’s Keith here. Hope you’re good. Would you be game to sing on a song of mine if it suited ya?! I’ve been sitting on one for a while that I think you’d dig… and I’d love to hear you on.” The text followed with “It be on the chorus… and various bits and pieces… a chill bar singalong vibe.”

Lainey responded asking him to send her the song and thanked him for thinking of her.
Keith told Taste of Country, that the song was recorded last June.

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