Crews scour river near Edinburgh, searching for mystery victim

A search continues on the Big Blue River in Edinburgh this afternoon for a missing man.

Witnesses saw a man standing on the low-head dam and disappear into the river at about 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Lt. Angela Goldman with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources conservation officers explains that rescue crews are searching by foot, by boat and have had drones up in the area.

Goldman said that the search is being hampered by the cold temperatures, flood waters and lack of information on who the victim might be.

Goldman said that the search will continue at least through today and tomorrow.

She said rescuers still have no information on who the victim might be. There is no missing person reported in the Edinburgh area, she said. If you know anyone who is a white man, with a thin build, and blonde hair, who was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and lives in the area, you should check in on them, Goldman said. Especially if they live alone or might otherwise be unaccounted for.

Goldman said that there is no chance that this is a hoax and the witnesses were very clear on what they saw yesterday.

If you have any information you should contact Johnson County Sheriff Department at 317-736-5155.