Cummins electric drivetrains make their way to school buses

A school bus manufacturer in Georgia says that more than 100 buses, powered by Cummins fully electric drivetrains, have been ordered from Blue Bird Corporation.

Blue Bird officials say that electric buses are already operating in California, North Dakota and Washington. Additional buses on order will transport students in California, Colorado, New Jersey, New York and Quebec by 2020.

“The amount of interest has been outstanding; people are very excited about a 100-percent electric-powered school bus,” said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. “The nation is increasingly influenced in electric vehicle transportation in general, and we anticipate rapid growth of electric school buses as more districts are educated on the zero-emissions and low-maintenance benefits they bring to their local communities.”

Blue Bird officials say the company has been working with electric technology in school buses since 1994 and has recently partnered with the Cummins Electrified Power business segment.

“Cummins and Blue Bird are committed to supporting customers and ensuring that we are safely transporting our children and improving air quality for communities,” said Julie Furber, vice president of electrified power at Cummins Inc. “Schools can count on Cummins to deliver the same level of support and service network for these electric buses that we’ve always delivered through our more than 200 wholly-owned branch locations and 3,200 service technicians in North America.”

The Blue Bird electric bus produces zero emissions and require less maintenance. Company officials say the buses are capable of up to 120 miles of range and can be recharged in approximately eight hours.