Here are some awesome stories about regular folks working with star

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share their best stories about working as an extra on the set of a movie or TV show set. Here are 10 highlights (check out the full list at the link):
  1. “I was an extra on an episode of Nashville. The day went a lot longer than expected, so Connie Britton arranged for coffee to be delivered for all the extras and crew members. She’s the best.”
  2. “I was an extra in High School Musical 3 and it really opened my eyes to the long hours actors and crew have to work. We were filming until 3 a.m. on one of the days trying to get one shot of Zac Efron making a basketball shot. Poor guy isn’t very good a basketball but worked his hardest to make it believable!”
  3. “One time I worked on a film that Blake Lively was starring in, and Ryan Reynolds would come in and visit her quite often…Ryan and Blake are just as wonderful in person as you would imagine. They both always took the time to talk with me (them initiating conversation).”
  4. “My grandpa was an extra on Amy Adams new HBO mini series, Sharp Objects. She is his celebrity crush and he really wanted to talk to her. No matter what we told him about how unlikely that was, he wouldn’t give up. He met her and she was insanely nice. She let him ask questions about how she chooses roles among other things. It made his year!”
  5. “I was an extra on the short-lived show Mind Games, starring Christan Slater and Steve Zahn. We sat in the grass and watched Christan Slater dramatically park a car FOR HOURS. It was incredibly boring and shocking to discover how much time can go into a 20-second ‘stunt.'”
  6. “I was an extra in the stands in The Water Boy starring Adam Sandler. We got $50, an orange t-shirt, and a ham sandwich meal. I had just turned 18 and ‘called in sick’ to work for the first time (where I would have made $45 that day, but no t-shirt or ham sandwich).”
  7. “I worked on The Sitter with Jonah Hill! Such an awesome dude. He came up to the group I was with and just chatted with us so much the director couldn’t find him when he had to redo his scene. The director came up to us and was like, ‘Is this a**hole bothering you?’ Love when celebs are nice, real people. “
  8. “My uncle was an extra in a bunch of movies in the ’80s and ’90s, but I’ll always remember the story from when he did Jerry Maguire. When it came around time to break for lunch, my uncle didn’t want to go crowd around the tables with the other extras, so he just went off to the side somewhere and sat on some steps. A few minutes later he hears someone walk down the steps behind him, sit down, and light a cigarette. It was Tom Cruise. They just chilled there on the steps talking, eating steak.”
  9. “I was an extra in Central Intelligence. Poor Kevin Hart spent half the day taking selfies with anyone and everyone who asked. We filmed for 12 hours at a Mexican restaurant, I was a patron and was surprised that they did full hair/makeup/wardrobe on everyone. Also we weren’t allowed to talk, we just had to pretend we were speaking. It was a fun day!”
  10. “I was an extra in Magic Mike XXL. It was filmed in Savannah, Georgia, where I used to live. The original ad was looking for 300 women, but there ended up being 800. It was exciting to see all the actors and watch them dance, but Channing Tatum stripping does lose its appeal after enough takes (hard to imagine I know).