Indiana Winter Wheat Production and Hay Stocks


Indiana winter wheat growers anticipate lower yields in 2024 than they had last year, according to Nathanial Warenski, State Statistician of USDA NASS, Indiana Field Office. Indiana wheat growers expect to harvest 240,000 acres, down 95,000 acres from last year. Wheat production in the State is expected to be 20.2 million bushels. The yield forecast of 84 bushels is down 8 bushels per acre from last year’s crop.

U.S. winter wheat production is forecast at 1.28 billion bushels, up 2 percent from 2023. As of May 1, the United States yield is forecast at 50.7 bushels per acre, up 0.1 bushel from last year’s average yield of 50.6 bushels per acre. Area expected to be harvested for grain or seed totals 25.2 million acres, up 2 percent from last year.

Hay stocks on Indiana farms on May 1, 2024, were 190,000 tons, down 14 percent from this time last year.

All hay stored on United States farms as of May 1, 2024, totaled 21.0 million tons, up 47 percent from May 1, 2023. Disappearance from December 1, 2023 – May 1, 2024, totaled 55.7 million tons, down 3 percent from the same period a year earlier.