It Could be a Wet Holiday Weekend for Planters, Indy 500



There have been opportunities to get in the field this past week, but Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says those opportunities will narrow as we move into the holiday weekend. Rain to kickoff the weekend doesn’t look all that impressive with some potential hit-and-miss scattered showers Friday night and Saturday morning in northern and southern parts of Indiana.

“The big feature for the holiday weekend is going to be rain and thunderstorms. A big cluster wants to move through from Sunday afternoon right on through early Monday morning. There we can see anywhere from a quarter to one and a half inches of rain with coverage at about 90% of Indiana. There will be a few holes, but I think everybody gets a good shot of moisture out of that round of precipitation.  We do dry down Monday afternoon, so it’s not a long haul feature. But there’s plenty of moisture that can come.”

That rain could potentially wreak havoc on our beloved Indy 500. We’ll have to wait and see.

Looking ahead, Martin says, “Tuesday forward next week we are mostly dry. I think we see some lingering clouds Tuesday with northwest flow but Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we are sunny, warm, and dry. I don’t see us having another round of precipitation until we get closer to the weekend of the 1st and 2nd. There we probably do see some hit-and-miss scattered showers. So, once again, I do believe there are windows of opportunity here across the Hoosier State.”

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