ID cards, fake checks recovered after toilet seat injury

Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.
Travis Lindholm. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

An injury from a broken toilet seat led to the arrest to two people last night on a check-cashing scam according to Columbus police.

Officers were called to a hotel room on West Jonathan Moore Pike after a man was injured. But while speaking with the man, they found out that his name and birth date led to a man wanted on an out-of-state warrant. But after taking him into custody, police found out that was not his real identity. He turned out to be 31-year-old Travis W. Lindholm of Minnesota who was wanted on four warrants there.

A search of the room revealed numerous fake IDs and driver’s licenses, along with bank cards and fake checks in a suitcase with more fake IDs. A vehicle, stolen from Marion, Indiana was in the parking lot.

Lindholm is facing preliminary charges of identity deception, possession of false government IDs and false informing, along with the four warrants for offering a forged check, felony assault and witness tampering.

Chelci R. Johnson. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

A second person in the room, 28-year-old Chelci R. Johnson of Gas City, Indiana also allegedly lied about her identity and was arrested.

Johnson is being accused of identity deception and false informing