Last Minute Halloween Costumes

We like what Buzzfeed said…”you’re not lazy, you’re effortless.” lol Here are some last minute Halloween costumes for kids and adults…


1. Whip up a wizard’s robe for your Harry Potter-obsessed little one with a T-shirt in just 15 minutes.


2. A TMNT shell requires just spray-painting a roasting pan.


3. Already got an all-white ensemble? Use black tape to be a stick figure.


4. Cut up carpeting to make a Viking costume.


5. Make Minion glasses with protective goggles from the dollar store and canning jar rings. Add some thrifted overalls to finish the look.


6. If you’ve got a big gang to dress, make everyone wear black and glue white dots to their outfits. / viz Buzzfeed

7. A delicious-looking EasyMac costume can be made from spray-painted toilet paper rolls.

8. A Cardboard box and Tupperware make a great last minute lego costume!


9. “Crazy cat lady” is the coziest and warmest of all costumes.


10. Popsicle sticks and a fisherman’s hat = instant Wilson.