Additional water treatment capacity headed to Shelbyville

Indiana American Water, a subsidiary of American Water Company on Friday announced it is investing $17.6 million to add additional water treatment capacity, storage, and pumping and water transmission capabilities to its system in Shelbyville.

“Shelbyville has grown over the last decade since we built the London Road water treatment facility in western Shelby County,” said Indiana American Water President Matt Prine. “The plant was placed in service in 2009 to serve our customers in Johnson County and was built so it could be easily expanded and eventually connected to our Shelbyville system as demand increased there. We have seen significant growth in demand since that time, and these investments will help us to continue to meet Shelbyville’s need for a high-quality source of water.”

The investment in Indiana American Water’s infrastructure serving Shelby County includes:

• Installing nine miles of 20-inch and 16-inch transmission mains to connect the London Road water treatment facility to the Shelbyville system.
• Expanding treatment capacity by 2 million gallons per day and adding two additional pumps at the London Road facility.
• Constructing a new 500,000-gallon storage tank and installing a transmission main near I-74 and State Road 44 on the city’s east side.
• Constructing a new pump station near an existing storage tank along East Michigan Road to create a new pressure zone to enhance system pressures and fire flows in the eastern portion of the system.

The company says these projects will help the company to meet current and future demand. The new treatment plant pumps and the transmission main connecting the Shelbyville system to the London Road treatment facility are expected to be in service early next year. The remaining projects will all be placed in service by mid-2021.