ASAP offering Dry January challenge to stem alcohol abuse

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress in Bartholomew County is hoping to help residents make healthy choices when it comes to alcohol in the new year.

The agency is promoting a community-wide “Dry January” challenge. Organizers say the goal is to enhance community wellness by helping participants explore how shifting their relationship with alcohol can positively impact overall mental and physical wellbeing.

ASAP is partnering with Skye Nicholson of Soul’s Truth Coaching to offer free group coaching during the challenge. The group coaching will be based on the book “The Alcohol Experiment” by Annie Grace. If you sign up you will receive daily emails from Nicholson corresponding to themes in the book. There will also be inspirational videos and a weekly group Zoom meeting.

Nicholson explains:

Nicholson said participants will be able to gain insights, tools, and strategies to navigate their alcohol-free journey.

Viewpoint Books will be offering discounted copies of the book.

The challenge is being offered under ASAP’s Rethinking Wellness initiative which aims to prevent substance misuse in Bartholomew County

You can register for the Dry January Challenge here: