Authorities resume search for man swept away by river

Lower water levels and a break from the record low temperatures allowed emergency personnel to search the Big Blue River again today for a potential drowning victim.

First responders from Indiana Conservation Officers, Johnson County Dive Team, Shelby County Water Rescue Team and Franklin Fire Department conducted a complete search of the river from the dam to approximately 200 yards downstream. There were over twenty personnel in the water, using poles and their hands and feet to search the bottom of the river. They were searching for the body of a white male who reportedly went over the dam at the Big Blue River near Edinburgh on the afternoon of Jan. 24th. A witness reported that the man had blond hair, thin build and was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

Conservation officials say that agencies will always be on the lookout. However, unless there is significant information about the identity of the potential victim, there are no further plans to have a coordinated search of the river.