Bartholomew County deputies hunting for distracted drivers Thursday

Bartholomew County deputies will be out in force tomorrow, looking for drivers who are playing with their phones while behind the wheel.

The Connect 2 Disconnect push on April 8th will see high-visibility patrols of deputies reminding motorists not to drive while distracted.

Although there are many kinds of distractions including eating, grooming or fiddling with the stereo, the most pervasive remains texting according to the sheriff’s department.

Officials recommend that you put your phone on Do Not Disturb while you are on the road. You could also lock it in the glove box, stash it in the center console or put it in the back seat

In 2020, Indiana enacted a new law prohibiting distracted driving with fines of up to $500. Indiana drivers are not allowed to hold a mobile device while driving, except in emergencies. Since it went into effect last July, nearly 3 thousand people have been cited and more than 7 thousand, 300 warnings have been given out.

The one-day effort is being funded by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.