Bartholomew County REMC warns of scam attempts

Bartholomew County REMC is warning about scammers who pretend to be the utility and threaten to cut off your power if you don’t pay immediately over the phone.

The utility says that you should not be deceived. Bartholomew County REMC will never demand immediate payment over the phone. Instead the utility will offer several bill payment options and will send disconnect notices through the mail before shutting off your services.

Police warn that you should ignore unsolicited or unknown callers, hang up if things don’t seem correct and never provide any information over the phone such as your identity, social security number, bank account or credit card numbers. And experts say that any caller’s attempt to make you buy prepaid credit cards or gift cards for payment is always a scam.

If you have any questions about a caller claiming to be from Bartholomew County REMC, you should hang up and call the power company directly at (812) 372-2546.