BCSC chances rules for quarantining based on close contact

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools are making some changes to the quaranting protocols for COVID-19.

The district made the announcement last week, saying the changes came about after talking to internal groups and local medical professionals. According to school data, very few of those having close contact in the school setting with a COVID-positive person have led to infections with COVID-19. That number is less than 5 percent, school officials say.

It is much more likely that close contacts outside of the school setting such as at home lead to spread of the disease.

Going forward, only those who have close contacts outside of the school day will be required to quarantine.

All close contacts will be allowed to stay at school unless they have symptoms or are unmasked.

Also, exposure in a classroom setting has been changed to mean exposure during the school day — the moment a student steps on the bus to the moment they step off. The school day does not include extracurricular activities.