BCSC to ease back to in-person learning in middle, high schools

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools are planning to phase back to in-person learning for all of their students, over several steps with the first coming after next week.

The school district announced yesterday that the phased approach would move the middle school and high school students back to an in-classroom experience, after a hybrid approach that only had them in class for two days a week and at home for two days.

Next week will remain the same for all of the students, but starting on Feb. 22nd, middle school students will return to five-day a week in-person classes. High school students will be making the same transition but not until after spring break. Full-time in person learning for them will return on March 22nd.

School officials said that the local COVID-19 statistics are trending in the right direction and the phased approach is believed to be the best way to meet the needs of the students while protecting the health and well being of everyone in the community.