Columbus firefighters rescue trapped ducklings from shop drain

Columbus firefighters successfully rescued trapped ducklings over the weekend, the third such rescue in the last few weeks.

Rescue workers were called to the Dirt Buster Car Wash on Johnson Boulevard at about 7:04 a.m. Saturday morning after workers found a mother duck and two ducklings loitering outside a floor drain. Trapped inside the drain were other ducklings

Firefighters removed a floor drain covering and removed the four trapped ducklings, turning them over to Columbus Animal Care Services. Staff with animal shelter checked the babies for injuries, cleaned them up and then released them back to their mother duck at a nearby retention pond.

Firefighters report that this is the third time in the past two weeks that they have been called to aid trapped ducklings.

Capt. Mike Wilson said that firefighters also were called to rescue trapped beavers on the west side of the city in March. He said that because of the numerous lakes and ponds on the west side of the city, residents should remain vigilant for possible wildlife encounters while driving or walking.

Photo: Columbus Fire Department Lt. Jim Miller, at left, and Firefighter Derrick Chitwood rescue four ducklings from a westside car wash drain Saturday. Photo courtesy of Columbus Fire Department.