Columbus Park Foundation elects Hilber to Board of Directors

Jordan Hilber; photo courtesy of Columbus Park Foundation

The Columbus Park Foundation has announced it recently elected Jordan Hilber as its newest member to serve on its Board of Directors. Hilber, a senior financial analyst at Cummins Inc, is a Columbus native, and a co-founders of the Columbus Craft Beerfest Company.

“The Columbus Park Foundation is made up of a very dedicated group of directors and we are pleased to welcome our newest member. Jordan comes to the table with a wide array of talents and fundraising expertise which will be invaluable to our board,” said Board President Chip Orben. “Throughout the year our volunteer board members diligently work and support the mission of the Columbus Park Foundation, which is to maintain and enrich the vitality of the Columbus Department of Parks and Recreation and its facilities,” said Orben.

The Columbus Park Foundation’s stated mission is to aid and encourage the Columbus Department of Parks and Recreation in the acquisition, conservation and development of lands for parks and recreation purposes, among other goals.