County Council adopts broad rescue spending plan

Bartholomew County has adopted a proposed plan for $16.2 million in spending from the American Rescue Plan. County Council voted last night to approve the county commissioners spending outline for the money.

Commissioners explained that the plan was flexible and subject to revision, but promised to keep the council involved in changes to the plan and how the money should be allocated.

However, there was disagreement from Councilman Greg Duke, over a line item for local not-for-profit groups. Commissioners outlined spending $1 million to offset revenue lost during the pandemic to local not-for-profit groups.

Duke said he opposed the idea that the county would be picking winners and losers amongst charity groups by awarding them the recovery money.

Duke also took issue with a penciled in note on the plan calling for $307 thousand dollars in other expenses and premium pay for some county employees, saying the council should not be approving such an open-ended plan.

Ultimately, all the council members voted in favor of the spending plan.