Election Day: Columbus voters make choice for mayor today

Columbus voters will be choosing today between the two Republicans running for the city’s mayor — incumbent mayor Jim Lienhoop and his challenger Glenn Petri.

There is currently no Democratic opponent for the fall election, meaning whoever wins today is likely going to be the mayor, come next January. Lienhoop faced a similar situation four years ago, when he defeated incumbent Kristen Brown during the primary election, and ran unopposed in the fall.

We asked the candidates for any final thoughts on the campaign and their run for election.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop:

Glenn Petri:

Republicans will also be choosing fall candidates in three Columbus City Council races. In District 1, incumbent Dascal Bunch is running against Chris Rutan. Incumbent Dave Bush is running against Russell Poling in District 3. And in the at-large races, Councilwoman Laurie Booher is running against challengers John Counceller and Josh Burnett for the two spots on the November ballot.

There are no contested Democratic primaries in Columbus today.

The polls are open until 6 tonight. There are eight vote centers in the city today, and you can cast your ballot at any of them. They are:

  • Flintwood Wesleyan Church
  • St. John’s Masonic Lodge on Rocky Ford Rd
  • Grace Lutheran Church on Central Ave.
  • Donner Center
  • Bible Church of Columbus on Tenth Street
  • The Commons
  • German American Bank on W. Jonathan Moore Pike
  • Terrace Lake Church

We’ll have live election coverage once polls close tonight on News Talk 1010 WCSI and 98-1 FM.

Republicans on the ballot today in Columbus:

  • Mayor: Jim Lienhoop, Glenn Petri
  • Clerk-Treasurer: Luann Welmer
  • Council District 1: Dascal Bunch, Chris Rutan
  • Council District 2: Jim Hartsook
  • Council District 3: Dave Bush, Russell Poling
  • Council District 4: Frank Miller
  • Council District 5: Tim Shuffett
  • Council at-large: Laurier Booher, John Counceller, Josh Burnett

Democrats on the ballot today in Columbus:

  • Mayor: None
  • Clerk-Treasurer: None
  • Council District 1: None
  • Council District 2: Elaine Wagner
  • Council District 3: Nancy Hoover (although she is pulling out of the fall race)
  • Council District 4: Michael Schoumacher
  • Council District 5: Ross Thomas
  • Council at-large: Tom Dell, Grace Kestler