Family safe, two dogs rescued from Taylorsville fire

Photo courtesy of German Township Volunteer Fire Department

Two dogs were saved from a burning home by German Township Volunteer firefighters over the weekend. That came after an alert 10-year-old noticed the blaze and alerted their family

The fire department was called in at 9:43 p.m. Saturday night to the fire on Bonesteel Drive near Taylorsville. A resident had tripped into a table, knocking a burning candle to the floor and didn’t realize a fire had started until the child alerted everyone. The family escaped the home but had to leave behind their pets.

The firefighters rescued the two Boston terriers from the home and they were treated with oxygen for smoke inhalation, but are expected to make a full recovery, firefighters said. Firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze in the living room and pulled down walls and insulation to check for any other spreading fire.

Captain Cody Melton, the Incident Commander, wants the public to know that once you exit a burning building, no matter how small the fire is, to never try to reenter to save property or pets.

“Most fire fatalities happen from someone reentering the house trying to save something and are overcome by smoke or heat,” Melton said.

Two parrots died in the fire.

The home suffered an estimated $25,000 in damages plus another $25,000 in damages to belongings inside.

Also on scene of the fire were firefighters from Columbus Township, Clifford and Edinburgh Fire Departments, Columbus Regional Hospital paramedics and Bartholomew County Sheriffs Department.