Firefighters, police to hold holiday parade through rural Bartholomew County Saturday

Bartholomew County police, firefighters and paramedics are going to try to brighten the holiday spirit this weekend. Starting at 6:30 pm. Saturday evening, police and rescue vehicles will be holding a parade through the rural parts of the county.

The goal is to hold the parade through a few streets of towns throughout the community while maintaining social distancing. If the parade does not pass directly by your home, you are still encouraged to take part by parking somewhere along the route and walking to a corner. Your use of masks are highly suggested.

The route will start in Clay Township at 6:35 p.m. Saturday evening, eventually passing through Elizabethtown, Hartsville, Hope, and ending in Clifford at 7:56 p.m. Agencies taking part include Clay Township Fire, Clifford Fire, Elizabethtown Fire, Hartsville Fire, Hope Fire, Columbus Police, Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, Columbus Regional Hospital paramedics, and more.

The parade will also include Santa, who will be traveling in a Hartsville department fire engine.

Planned parade route:

Clay Township

(Start at 6:30 p.m. Estimated arrival time to Jewell Village 6:37 p.m.)

Right out of station to Rogers Street, then left onto County Road 500E, Right on County Road 50 N Left on Dellasburg (approximately 6:35 p.m.). Right on Base, Left on Jewell (approx. 6:37 p.m). Right on Asenath, Right on Della, Left on Base, Left on U.S. 31 and then head toward Elizabethtown.


(Estimated arrival time to Mineral Springs 6:47 p.m. Estimated time to enter E-town 6:58 p.m)

U.S. 31 S from Jewell Village, Right at County Road 400S Roundabout, Left on County Road 250 E. Left on Forster Ave (stay left), Left on Karlsway Dr, curves right on to Sandereck Dr, curves left on to Brush Creek Dr. Left on County Road 250E, Left on County Road 500S to U.S. 31. Left on U.S. 31. Right on County Road 475S and head in to Elizabethtown.

(Approximately 7:00 p.m.) Right on Railroad. Left on 11th Street, Left on Pennsylvania, Right on Legal Tender and head toward State Road 7. Cross State Road 7 and then turn left on County Road 600E and then go toward State Road 46. Turn right on State Road 46 and head toward State Road 9 and 46 then right to Hartsville,


(Estimated time of arrival through Newbern is 7:18 p.m. and Hartsville is 7:21 p.m.)

Enter Hartsville, Right on Washington Street, Left on College, Left on Taylor, Left on State Road 46. Right on Jackson, Left on Clinton, Right on Washington and head toward Hope on County Road 500N.


(Estimated time of Arrival to Hope 7:35 p.m.)

Turn Right on State Road 9. Right on Schafer Drive, Right on Brookside Drive, Right on Schafer Drive, Right on Schafer, continue straight on County Road 775E, Right on South Street, Left on Aiken, Left on Jackson, Left on State Road 9. go in front of school. turn right on County Road 600N and head toward Clifford.


(Estimated time of arrival 7:56 p.m.)

West on 600 N to 250 E, Left on 250 E. Right on Sugar and curves left on Washington, Right on Poplar Street, Right on Depot Street, Left on Main Street toward Marr Road.