INDOT announces brush cutting in Southeastern District

Indiana Department of Transportation maintenance crews will continue right-of-way mechanical brush cutting across the Southeast District this winter. The work is being done to remove trees, shrubs and other vegetation along a number of state highways.

INDOT says that operations are typically performed on shoulders with minimal traffic impacts. However, motorists should still use caution and watch for active crews throughout the district.

Specific routes where brush cutting is planned include U.S. 50, S.R. 46, U.S. 31, U.S. 421, S.R. 7, S.R. 3, S.R. 135, S.R. 446 and S.R. 250.

Brush cutting is completed to remove vegetation that is blocking line-of-sight or traffic signs, reduce asphalt deterioration due to trapped moisture and provide shoulder space for motorists.

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