Interns needed for next year’s Indiana General Assembly

Indiana Senate Republicans are announcing they are searching for paid spring-summer interns during next year’s session of the General Assembly.

They are looking for candidates to fill spots in the caucus’s communications, information technology, legal, legislative, page and policy offices.

Candidates must be at least a sophomore in college and recent graduates as well as graduate school and law school students will also be considered. Applicants can be Indiana residents, or out-of-state students as long as they are attending a college or university in Indiana.

Senate internships are full-time positions at the Statehouse in downtown Indianapolis. There is a mandatory orientation in late December and work concludes at the end of the legislative session in April. Interns earn an $800 biweekly stipend and may also benefit from scholarships and academic credit opportunities.

Sen. Greg Walker of Columbus encouraged residents of his Senate district to apply, saying “interning with the Indiana Senate is a very unique experience that invests in the future of Indiana,.

The deadline to apply is Oct. 31st. You can get more information online at

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