Jail officer injured in escape attempt at hospital

Jackson A. Hatchett. Photo courtesy of Jackson County Jail.

A Jackson County corrections officer received several injuries including being choked unconscious during an inmate’s escape attempt at Schneck Medical Center.

Seymour police say that the incident happened yesterday afternoon starting at about 12:24 when 27-year-old inmate Jackson Hatchett of Brownstown was being discharged from the hospital. That’s when he overpowered the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department corrections officer, before barricading himself in a bathroom and breaking out a third floor window, police say. After jumping to a second floor roof and entered a mechanical room, where he was cornered by a Seymour officer who was working security at the hospital.

More police arrived to take Hatchett back into custody. He suffered cuts on his arms during the leap from the window and was taken to the emergency room for treatment. The corrections officer was also taken to the ER for treatment.

Hatchett is facing new felony charges of escape, battery with serious bodily injury, strangulation and theft along with a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief.