Jennings police dog apprehends fleeing suspect

Sgt. Allen Ritchie and Vampir. Photo courtesy of Jennings County Sheriff’s Department.

Jennings County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that a suspect in an auto theft case was arrested last week with the assistance of police dog Vampir.

The incident started Thursday night shortly before 10 p.m., when deputies were called to a home in Country Squire Lakes about a stolen vehicle at the property. When deputies arrived, they found 49 year old William Lalone standing near the vehicle but when Lalone saw the deputies, he allegedly ran away into nearby woods.

Vampir chased him down and subdued Lalone. He was taken to the emergency room at St. Vincent Jennings Hospital and then to the jail. He is facing charges of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, and Resisting Law Enforcement resulting in injury.

Deputy Thomas Mellencamp’s hand was injured during the incident. He was treated for his injuries at the hospital and released. The department reports that this was Vampir’s third criminal apprehension in nine days.