Local officials say flooding is expected

Some spots in our area are starting to flood. As of 2 p.m. Friday, the Bartholomew County Highway Department listed the following areas as being affected:

• Double Y Saddle Club area extensively flooded.
• Water flowing over CR 950 N to Club.
• CR 330W is flooded just south of its intersection with Ohio Ridge Rd.
• CR 500N west of CR 250W is flooded blocking vehicular access to residences near the river bank.
• Portions of Riverside Drive north of US Highway 31 are flooded.
• Indianapolis Road is flooded
• SR 11 between SR 46 and CR 200 S flooded (Garden City area)
• CR 800 S is flooded
• Tellman Camp Rd. is flooded
• Flood begins to go over CR 325 W south of Lowell Rd.
• Mill Race Park flooded as is the area behind West Hill Shopping Center
• State Road 11 between Southern Crossing and CR 550 S is closed.
• Southern Crossing is flooded
• CR 400N to the Columbus Airport
• CR 550 N flooded
• 850 S between 400 W and 525 W
• SR 58 at 700 S flooded

Flood warnings are now in effect for several local rivers and stream. The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for Flat Rock River, Driftwood River and East Fork White River at Seymour. Those all start Saturday night or Sunday morning.