Mayor outlines public safety priorities for 2019

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop is outlining this year’s priorities when it comes to public safety in the community.

One of the milestones this year should be the completion of the training facility at the airport.

The mayor says that the facility will also allow other area agencies to come to Columbus to train. Those agencies will be paying to use the facilities, which will help offset the city’s cost to operate the facility, Lienhoop said.

The city will continue to address mold and safety problems at local fire stations this year. Lienhoop says that the city has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars repairing fire stations since he took office.

Lienhoop says that continuing efforts to clean up the city will be one of the public safety priorities this year.

The mayor said that property owners are more likely to voluntarily comply with the city’s cleanup efforts now that the track record is already laid for forcing cleanups.