New phone and video system coming to Bartholomew County Jail

A new phone and video system will soon be in place at the Bartholomew County Jail. Authorities say that inmates, families and friends will now have more options for visitation and email.

The Home WAV (Home Web Access Visitation) system will allow an inmate to visit remotely. Inmates will be able to see more people more often and will be able to send and receive emails.

Jail staff say this system offers built-in security. Any and all incoming mail will be scanned at an offsite location and emailed to inmates. Officials say that on-station visitation will still be available, however you can now visit online. Attorneys will also be able to speak with inmates remotely if they choose to do so.

“This new system should increase revenue generated for the Technology Fund,” said Major John Martoccia, Jail Commander. “Some of the Tech funds were used to offset the cost of the recently purchased body scanner,” added Martoccia. That body scanner is used to check inmates and visitors at the jail.

The new system is expected to be installed and working sometime in February.

The Sheriff’s Department stresses that this system comes at no cost to taxpayers. Officials say there will be a service charge to those who use the system.