Police crackdown underway, looking for distracted drivers

Local police are taking part in statewide and nationwide efforts to enforce traffic laws during the holiday season.

The national campaign is taking place through Jan. 1st and you will find police enforcing seat belt and child restraint violations, as well as cracking down on distracted driving and aggressive driving.

Overtime money for the patrols are being provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration and are distributed through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

Seymour Police Chief Bill Abbott says to make sure that you are there to open all of your Christmas presents. You can go a long way toward that goal by buckling up every time you get into in a vehicle and ensuring you you have a sober driver ready to take the wheel, should you take part in some holiday alcoholic cheer.

Police say that distracted driving is a major contributor to traffic crashes. Put down your phone and wait until you get where you are going to check e-mail, messages or calls, police say. They warn no message is worth causing injury or death.