Purdue students head to NYC for human trafficking event

A pair of Purdue Polytechnic students will be speaking to the United Nations next year on the dangers of human trafficking.

Erica Gregg is a freshman at the Columbus school. She says the trip started as part of a class project to dissect a global problem and come up with local solutions..

She said her group will be preparing training materials for students and educators, aimed at helping runaways and those of low socio-economic backgrounds, who are more likely to become targets.

She said one of the goals is to reach out to local teens.

Gregg and her classmate, Zohie, Wagner will be attending a UN human trafficking summit in New York City in February.

The group is putting up a website with resources for community members, health providers and educators called endmodernslavery.org.

The group is also seeking community help to cover the costs of the trip. If you are interested in helping out, you can get more information at the Purdue Polytechnic campus.