Seymour man accused of fraud, theft in fake jail bond scheme

Preston D.M. Redmond. Photo courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

A Seymour man is facing 20 charges of fraud and theft after incidents with someone else’s credit cards and checks.

According to Seymour Police Department reports the incidents began on July 1st, when a victim was told by a man that the victim’s grandson needed $110 to get bailed out of jail. Police say the victim drove the suspect to a bank, and wrote a check for the amount. But the man soon came back saying that the check wasn’t accepted, and demanded a second check. After cashing the second check, the victim drove the suspect to a local store, supposedly to meet the grandson’s wife to get some needed paperwork.

But the suspect never came back from the store. The next day the victim noticed several fraudulent transactions on a credit card made at a local store. The victim contacted police, who pulled video footage from the store. Police also found out that the bank rejected the first check because it appeared to have been altered by the suspect before attempting to cash it. And the victim’s grandson was not eligible to be bonded out of jail, in any case.

Last week, police searched a home on Idlewood Court and discovered most of the items that were fraudulently purchased at the store.

On July 11th, police arrested 29-year-old Preston D.M. Redmond of Seymour on 10 felony counts of fraud and 10 felony counts of theft.