Seymour officer saved life using military gauze

Photo courtesy of Seymour Police Department
Officer Tim Toborg. Photo courtesy of Seymour Police Department.

The Seymour Police Department is praising an officer who likely saved a life by using a combat triage material he paid for out of his own pocket.

The police department says that Officer Tim Toborg was first on the scene of a recent stabbing and found a victim bleeding heavily from a neck wound. Although Seymour officers have standard equipment including dressings and tourniquets, Toborg had purchased Quick-Clot Combat Gauze, a product developed for military use that includes a powdered clotting agent in the dressing.

Toborg packed the wound with the material and applied pressure until paramedics could arrive. Medical personnel said that due to the extreme blood loss, the action likely saved the victim’s life, according to police reports.

The police department is commending Toborg for his actions.