Sheriff Myers named to National Sheriffs’ Association Homeland Security Committee

Photo courtesy of the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept.

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers has been named to the National Sheriffs’ Association Homeland Security Committee.

“As such Sheriff Myers will be networking closely through the NSA with the other 3,100 elected Sheriffs across America, bringing a professional “Heartland” perspective to this vast responsibility of keeping our Counties, States and Nations safe,” said National Sheriffs’ Association president John Layton.

The National Sheriffs’ Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among those in the law enforcement field. NSA is a key player in shaping national policy on critical criminal justice and homeland security issues important to the nation’s sheriffs, deputies and police in the halls of Congress, U.S. Courts and at the White House.

NSA is led by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors comprised of members of NSA who are currently holding the elected position of Office of Sheriff.

Stephen P. Luce, Executive Director of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, said “It is an honor to know that the National Sheriffs’ Association has appointed Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers to the NSA Homeland Security Committee. Sheriff Myers appointment will continue the strong presence that ISA and Indiana Sheriffs have with the NSA. Sheriff Myers dedication and knowledge in Public Safety over the years allows him to be a perfect fit for the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Homeland Security Committee.

“I look forward to serving on NSA’s Homeland Security Committee. It is a true honor to be able to serve on such an important committee with Sheriffs’ from across our Nation,” said Sheriff Myers. He added, “I look forward to hearing their unique perspectives and the strategic advice that will be provided by the NSA HSC members.”