Sheriff warns of scammers pretending to be law enforcement

Scammers pretending to be with local law enforcement are trying to trick you into making a fake donation, or into paying them to get you out of a warrant.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that the phone calls appear to be coming from the agency, as the scammers are able to fool your Caller ID.

The sheriff’s department warns that they will never solicit or collect money over the phone. The only charities directly endorsed by the department are the Johnson County Sheriff’s Charity Ride and those put on by the Fraternal Order of Police.

Any issues related to warrants, sheriff’s sales, body attachments, tax warrants, or other matters will be conducted either by mail or in person at the Sheriff’s Office.

These scammers are frequently suggesting that you pay by pre-paid credit card, by purchasing gift cards or Green Dot cards. Experts say that any time you are being asked to pay in these ways, it is a scam.