Sheriff’s department delivers two tons of food to Love Chapel

This year’s Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department Pack-A-Patrol car effort raised more than 2 tons of food for the hungry in the community.

The results of that effort were delivered last week to Love Chapel. Sheriff Matt Myers said that the drive raised more than 7,000 individual items and 4,548 pounds of food.

Donation boxes were available in the lobbies of the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office and the Bartholomew County Courthouse.

Chief Deputy Maj. Chris Lane praised community efforts including 1,000 items donated by Hope Elementary School students, food drives at Walmart and Kroger, Congressman Greg Pence who helped at the Walmart drive and sheriff’s department employees who helped with the delivery.

Myers also thanked Lt. Kaleigh Morey, with the department’s corrections division, who chaired this year’s food drive.

This was the sixth annual Pack-A-Patrol car food drive. Last year’s efforts were canceled due to COVID-19.

Photo: Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department staff deliver food donations to Love Chapel last week. From left, Maj. Chris Lane, Capt. Dave Steinkoenig, Capt. Christopher Roberts, Capt. Brandon Slate, Capt. Tyler Stillabower, Maj. John Martoccia, Sheriff Matthew A. Myers and Kaleigh Morey. Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department.