Study ranks Columbus #1 small city for manufacturing

Columbus has been ranked as the number one small city where manufacturing is thriving. That’s according to a new study from business insurance provider AdvisorSmith.

According to the report, Columbus had manufacturing output of $4.0 billion in 2018, which was $48,799 per capita, compared with a national average of $7,032. The city has 350% more manufacturing jobs than the national average on a per-capita basis, and had a manufacturing output growth rate of 3.6% during the study period. Manufacturing employment also grew 1.5% over the same period. Columbus is one of the biggest manufacturing cities in the nation, as 38% of the people who work in Columbus work in the manufacturing industry. In addition, Columbus ranked #2 among cities of all sizes.

AdvisorSmith analyzed cities based upon data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The study ranked cities based upon their manufacturing output per capita, manufacturing employment, and other factors.

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