Toilet fundraiser flushing lunch debt for Hope students

The Student’s Fund of Hope is using strategically placed toilets to pay off families’ school lunch debt.

Whitney Budd, one of the organizers of the Flush Out Hunger fundraiser says that tfour toilets are being placed on people’s property.

For a $10 donation you can get rid of the toilet, for $20 you can send it to someone else and for $30 you can make it sure it doesn’t come back. The four toilets are painted in food-related themes and bright colors.

The goal is to raise $2,000 to pay off past due lunch accounts for students at Hope Elementary and Hauser Jr. Sr. High School. Throughout last school year, the fund paid for almost $3,000 in overdue lunch accounts.

The fundraiser runs though July 29th. In the first day, the fundraiser has already raised more than $400 and required 10 toilet moves by volunteers.

You can get more information on how to send a toilet, by going to the Student’s Fund of Hope Facebook page.