Two suspects arrested in store thefts from Seymour to Carmel

Seymour police say that they have arrested two people who have been stealing from stores ranging all the way to Noblesville and Carmel over a period of months.

The investigation started in October when police received a call from Walmart about two people taking more than $1,000 in items from the Seymour store. A description of the vehicle involved led police to conclude that the suspects were from Illinois.

Descriptions of the suspects were sent to other stores including Home Depot, who reported that the suspects had taken three cart loads of merchandise worth more than $6,000 without paying.

Last week, Home Depot asset protection associates noticed the two in the store again, loading a cart, and called police. Although the suspects left the store before they were able to take anything, Home Depot provided a photo of the suspects taking a cart load of items from the Noblesville store without paying.

Police stopped the vehicle on East Tipton Street near Interstate 65 and found that one of the suspects matched the Noblesville photo. Police also noticed several battery-powered tools in the vehicle.

50 year old Scotty Gatlin of Chicago and 36 year old Donilla Dismukes of Lafayette, Indiana were arrested for theft involving the two October incidents.

Police say that they are also suspects in other thefts from the Noblesville and Carmel Home Depot locations.