Luke Combs Says Eric Church Was ‘Obvious Choice’ For Latest Single

Luke Combs tapped Eric Church to join him on his latest single, “Does To Me.” He tells us Eric was the “obvious choice” for this song in particular. “I think Eric Church was an obvious choice when it came to finding somebody to do that song with. Not only does I feel like it fits his writing style, but also his mentality, his approach to music, I think it was just a really good fit.”

“Does To Me” is a Top 25 hit and climbing on the charts.

He recently shared an unreleased song he wrote for his fiancee and his parents called “Without You” during a concert. The lyrics include: “When I’m up here on this stage, the spotlight’s on my face, but I see you / It’s me strummin’ this Gibson, it’s me they love to give the credit to, but me don’t mean a thing without you.”

Luke’s What You See Is What You Get Tour plays in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Michigan this week.