Painful & Ridiculous Ways People Have Broken Their Bones

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share the most ridiculous way they’ve broken a bone. Here are 10 of the best responses (check out the full list at the link):

  1. “I broke my foot jumping up and down celebrating the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.”
  2. “Snapped my collarbone playing Human Bowling when I was 11, which I am still proud to say I invented. This involved getting 4-5 people to kneel on a hill (the pins), then the ball would have to curl up and throw themselves down the hill and hit the pins. I was the ball.”
  3. “I STEPPED on a plastic bag to stop it flying away in the wind and in return I received a fractured foot.”
  4. “My mom slammed my thumb in the boot of our car. Worst of all, it was jammed there for a minute or so until she could get the keys out to unlock it.”
  5. “I sneezed and cracked a rib.”
  6. “I slipped on a wet bathroom floor and landed with my back against the toilet bowl. There was a sound like uncooked sausages snapping. I went into shock and somehow ended up at the cinema an hour later watching Jupiter Ascending with a large collection of broken ribs.”
  7. “Got extremely drunk in Mexico. Decided to try a small zip line across the beach. Lady told me to WALK DOWN THE STAIRS and glide. I jumped off a 2-3 foot ledge and hit my foot on a rock. Honestly, I can’t remember a thing from when it happened. But I had three broken metatarsals that I was in denial about until I got back home four days later. Everyone knew me at that resort for the rest of my trip.”
  8. “A can of frozen orange juice fell on my big toe right under the nail. Broke the top phalange, fractured the middle one, and I had a haematoma under the nail.”
  9. “I slipped on a leaf. Yes, a leaf. It was the middle of fall and the leaves were kind of wet. I went to walk across my school campus, when all of the sudden, I fell. I broke my kneecap clean in half.”
  10. “I broke my right arm when I tripped over a Nintendo 64 controller cord. I was 8 years old. The day I got my cast off, I was jumping from couch to couch and rebroke my arm.”