Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Looking to change up the old Thanksgiving centerpiece you’ve been using for years?  Maybe you’ve never had one on your table. Good Housekeeping is helping us out this year!

1. Fractured light- Grab a few vintage cheese graters from one of the many antique stores in our area, place a candle inside and put them on top of a decorative serving plate and BAM instant centerpiece.

2. Pumpkin patch – take a few small pumpkins (plastic or real) and fake ivy and stretch them out the length of the table.

3. Pumpkin vase – carve out a pumpkin (probable not the one you carved at Halloween) and place a fall arrangement inside.

4. Coffee Candels – take a mason jar, fill with coffee beans, and place a vanilla candle inside.

Visit Good Housekeeping for the full list of 27.