The 7 Most Annoying Pet Peeves

Everybody’s got their pet peeves, but which are the worst? According to Post Grad Problems writer Miss Mackay, these are the seven most annoying pet peeves:
  1. Loud Chewing/Mouth Noises: I cannot be in the same room with anyone eating something with a crunch or a pop or a noshing noise. Just thinking about that scenario has made my hair stand on end. I need to find a pillow and scream into it immediately. Misophonia is real, people.
  2. Not Using Turn Signals: Unless you’re Amish, in which case you’re throwing elbows and hands out of your buggy, you should be using your turn signal! Car manufacturers put these little miracle mechanisms in our automobiles for a reason, monsters.
  3. Someone Who Wants to Share Dessert: Excuse me? Beg your pardon? Get. Your. Own. Spoon. (Not a fork, because I will stab you with it.)
  4. Slow Walkers: Is it me, or do slow walkers always come in packs of at least three and take up your whole path? And why are they always oblivious to the fact that you’re trying to get by? I do not consider myself a speed walker by any means, but it really ticks me off when I’m walking along at a normal clip and then hit a wall of lead-footed losers. While I’ve always been tempted to yell “MOVE!” at the top of my lungs, I usually tamp down my rage by letting out a nice, long sigh as I fly by them.
  5. Clapping When the Plane Lands: The plane landed, WOW. That’s what it’s supposed to do! Why are you clapping?
  6. People Violating Your Personal Space in a Line: The last time I remember wanting someone all up on me was during the eighth-grade dance when “Peaches N Cream” came on. That was then, and this is now, and I am a card-carrying member of team #PersonalSpace. So when someone stands on top of me in a line, I get incredibly aggravated.
  7. Not Wiping Down Equipment or Re-Racking Weights at the Gym: Nothing like wanting to get a little lift in and looking down at the bench and seeing some swamp-tush imprint. Disgusting. Filthy. Obscene. Vomit inducing. And seriously, leaving all of the weights on the rack?!? I am a delicate flower. I shouldn’t have to drag multiple plates across the gym, clearly straining my dainty muscles while some giant wildebeest gets his (or her) protein powder smoothie. Re-rack your weights!