Things That Dog Owners Feel Slightly Guilty About

BuzzFeed has put together a list of things that dog owners feel guilty about doing. Here are 12: (click here for the full list)

Calling your dog so many names other than it’s own and then worrying that it doesn’t have a sense of identity.

Coming home when you’ve petted another dog and feeling like they can smell it on you.

Pointing at a bit of dropped food when you feel too lazy to vacuum, because they’ll get rid of it for you.

Laughing at your dog when one of their ears is flipped back by accident.

Feeling too lazy to lint-roller your clothes and going out with dog-hair covered clothes.

Laying on the floor to see if your dog would hypothetically save you if you were to faint.

Letting your dog kiss your face even when you know they were cleaning themselves the other day.

Not being able to see anyone with a dog without telling them that you also have a dog.

Using your dog as an excuse when you want to leave a party, or any event, early.

Spending more time researching the food best for your dog than you do with your own diet.

Turning every nap your dog has into a full-blown photoshoot.

Caving and giving them a teeny bit of your food because they’re giving you the sad-eyes.