Twitter #MilleniumAMovie Titles

On Wednesday, people took to Twitter in droves to suggest #MillennialAMovie titles. Here are some of the best:
  1. 50 First Tinder Dates
  2. Juwanna Mann Bun
  3. Fast Internet at Ridgemont High
  4. Schindler’s Spotify Playlist
  5. Snakes on a Mansplain
  6. Dude, Where’s My Bike?
  7. Fried Green Tomatoes on Avocado Toast
  8. The Texas Chainsaw Mass Texter
  9. When Harry Met Bae
  10. The French Wifi Connection
  11. He’s Just Not That Into YouTube
  12. Eat Kale, Sleep ’Til Noon, Pray for a Job
  13. The English Patient’s Rights
  14. A Few Good Memes
  15. Soy Story
  16. Bull Dunham
  17. Vape Fear
  18. Swipe Left Foot
  19. Debt Becomes Her
  20. The Great Escape From Human Interaction