If you visit the FB page, Hiking With Sight, you’ll find a message that says “A journey of purpose between two friends. One who cannot see, and one who cannot walk.”

Melanie Knecht was born with spina bifida, and Trevor Hahn lost his sight because of glaucoma five years ago. But together, they’re climbing to the mountain tops.

Knecht grew up camping and spending time outdoors and Hahn was very active in outdoor sports before he lost his sight. After the two met at an adaptive kickboxing class and again at an adaptive rock climbing, they decided to team up to enjoy their love of nature together.

They have been training for a 14k foot mountain climb in their home state of Colorado. As of July 11th they have picked a date and trail but are keeping it secret for now.


You can follow them on FB and IG. Also, read more about the inspirational pair here.